December 21, 2023 · Season 1

Marat joins the Komsomol. On his way out of the cultural center, he encounters Andrey. Marat believes he did the right thing by turning in the Universam members to the police. After all, Aygul died because of them. A fight ensues between the former friends, with Andrey emerging victorious. The next morning, Vova Adidas enters Natasha's dormitory, but in her room, he encounters Ildar. Vova beats the policeman and escapes. He convinces the girl to run away with him to Abkhazia, a difficult task as Adidas is being sought all over Kazan. On the way out of the city, he calls his stepmother and learns that there was a search at his father's place.

Vova returns to Kazan to visit his father and say goodbye. However, his father rejects him, calling him a murderer. The police chase Vova, and Ildar shoots him next to the car. The protagonist dies in Natasha's arms. Marat walks down the police department corridor with the Komsomol leader. The leader asserts that "now they have power" and that soon everything will belong to them. As a reward for betraying the "Universam," the Komsomol member takes Marat to the bathroom, where Aygul's assailant is. Marat brutally beats the criminal and then cries in helplessness.

In the final scene, a children's colony is shown. The boys' choir sings "Sedaya noch" (Gray Night), and Andrey plays the piano. Despite all the crimes committed, the protagonist has been sent to prison.

57 min


About season 2 The Boy's Word, NETFLIX and Chushpan Coin

You can enjoy watching The Boy's Word with the convenience of English subtitles. All 8 episodes of the series are presented on the website You can watch them in good quality for free.

In the near future, an English-language version of the series will be available on our website.

The Boy's Word (Slovo Patsana) comprises one season with a total of eight episodes. The series debuted in Russia on November 9th, with the final episode released on December 21st. This concise yet comprehensive season unfolds a compelling narrative that captivates viewers from the beginning to the end, making it a noteworthy watch for fans of the genre.

There is no doubt about when the film “The Boy's Word” season 2 will be released, since the rating project simply cannot be completed in one chapter. Earlier, the director of the series, Zhora Kryzhovnikov, said that “Slovo Pacana - Blood on the Asphalt" will show the history of the development of criminal gangs, and the project is planned to be divided into three seasons. The release date for the second season of “Slovo Patsana” has not yet been announced. However, it can be assumed that the new episodes will not be released until the end of 2024.

Yes, sure. The second season of the series The Boys Word will be available on our website.

Slovo Patsana “The Boy’s Word” overtook “The Squid Game” and set a new record for popularity among TV series. The American streaming service NETFLIX has entered into an agreement with the Russian film company Toomuch Production to acquire the rights for the screening of the film.

There is currently no information on when exactly NETFLIX plans to showcase the series "The Boy's Word"(Slovo Pacana) on its platform. However, according to preliminary data, the premiere is expected to take place in March-April 2024.

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