Watch all episodes of The Boys Word (Slovo Patsana) with English subtitles. Original title: Slovo pacana - Krov na asfalte. Смотреть Слово Пацана - Кровь на Асфальте. Все серии.

The Boy's Word

Blood on the Asphalt

TV Series · 1 Season · 8 Episodes

Genre · Crime, Drama

Directed by · Zhora Kryzhovnikov

Casts: Ivan Yankovskiy · Sergey Burunov · Ruzil Minekaev · Anna Peresild · Leon Kemstach · Anastasiya Krasovskaya · Elizaveta Bazykina · Nikita Kologrivyy · Yuliya Aleksandrova · Anton Vasilev...

Kazan, early 1989. While parents struggle for survival, teenagers join street gangs and fight for control over the asphalt. Literally, to oversee everything standing on "their" land or moving on it. Amid universal poverty, there are clear rules of life, support, and the word of a buddy that is stronger than an oath.

Fourteen-year-old Andrey, from an intelligent family, attends a music school and lives with his mom and little sister. One day, he is assigned to help his classmate Marat, a thug from the local gang, improve his English. After interacting with a decent guy and deciding that he is tired of being a pushover, Andrey joins the gang.

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Slovo Patsana Slovo Pacana
The Boys Word Boys Word

8 Episodes · 2023 | 1 Season |

About season 2 The Boy's Word, NETFLIX and Chushpan Coin

You can enjoy watching The Boy's Word with the convenience of English subtitles. All 8 episodes of the series are presented on the website You can watch them in good quality for free.

In the near future, an English-language version of the series will be available on our website.

The Boy's Word (Slovo Patsana) comprises one season with a total of eight episodes. The series debuted in Russia on November 9th, with the final episode released on December 21st. This concise yet comprehensive season unfolds a compelling narrative that captivates viewers from the beginning to the end, making it a noteworthy watch for fans of the genre.

There is no doubt about when the film “The Boy's Word” season 2 will be released, since the rating project simply cannot be completed in one chapter. Earlier, the director of the series, Zhora Kryzhovnikov, said that “Slovo Pacana - Blood on the Asphalt" will show the history of the development of criminal gangs, and the project is planned to be divided into three seasons. The release date for the second season of “Slovo Patsana” has not yet been announced. However, it can be assumed that the new episodes will not be released until the end of 2024.

Yes, sure. The second season of the series The Boys Word will be available on our website.

Slovo Patsana “The Boy’s Word” overtook “The Squid Game” and set a new record for popularity among TV series. The American streaming service NETFLIX has entered into an agreement with the Russian film company Toomuch Production to acquire the rights for the screening of the film.

There is currently no information on when exactly NETFLIX plans to showcase the series "The Boy's Word"(Slovo Pacana) on its platform. However, according to preliminary data, the premiere is expected to take place in March-April 2024.

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